Sherbrooke Hadassah Dinner 1950

Sherbrooke Hadassah Dinner, 1950


Echenberg Family 1911

Echenberg Family , 1910

In front of Menassah Echenberg’s house, on Belvedere Street, Sherbrooke, 1910.

Back row: Clara, Abe, Basel (Kushner) Echenberg with Sydney, Naomi (Edgar) Smith, Leah (Smith) Echenberg, Eva (Holdengraber) Echenberg, Sarah (Echenberg) Weinstein with Henry, Faigel (Budning) Echenberg, Jack, Rebecca.
Middle row: Bertha with Max, Louis, Isaac Smith, Bessie, Moses, Joseph Smith, Menasseh, Max Weinstein, Sam, Rachel smith.
Front row: Kate Weinstein, Rebecca Smith, Sam, Sam Weinstein, Bessie Weinstein, Claire, Leah, Sam Smith, Abe Smith
Notation says that Israel, Fraida and Isadore were in Russia
(second Wife, 1st, 2nd and 3rd and 4th generation)
Location: In front of Menasseh Echenberg’s house on Belvedere Street. Sherbrooke, in 191O.


Costume Party, Sherbrooke Synogogue Hall, Circa 1952

FIRST ROW SEATED ON FLOOR: Judy Shimmelman, Pauline Smith, Menasseh Smith, Bertha Bordoff, Joe Bordoff, Sam Shimmelman, Mort Math,
SECOND ROW SEATED ON CHAIRS Miriam Slater, Bert Hyman, Gertrude Hyman, David Echenberg, Becky Echenberg, Irv Rubin, Thelma Rubin, Anne Echenberg, Lonnie Echenberg, Anne Math, 
3RD ROW STANDING: Phil Rennert, Pauline Rennert, Ida Echenberg, June Echenberg, Sydney Echenberg,
STANDING BACK ROW: Col Sam Echenberg, Edith Echenberg, Terry Hollander, Paul Niloff, Paul’s wife, Lawrence Chankin, Lillian Chankin, Mrs Cohen, Gertrude Schacter, Abe Schacter, unk, Harry Echenberg,


Wolf street bridge, Echenberg house in photo is highest on left