Armed Forces Service


Jewish men and women from Sherbrooke who served in  World war 1 and 2

I am sure there are many more…let me know

World War 2.

Isadore Samuel Levitt was killed in action. He failed to return from a Wellington Bomber Mission over Germany in 1943. He had lived in Sherbrooke and worked for S Rubin, (brother in law of Jack Rubin). He had been a Sergeant in the Sherbrooke Regiment from 1940 to 1941.  He then applied for and Col Sam Echenberg OK’ed his transferred to RCAF.

Corinne Mitchel has researched his story and posted her findings on his Sherbrooke Jewish Community History Project ancestry page. Click here for Isadore Samuel Levitt on our page.

Click here for more information on Isadore Samuel Levitt’s service record.and here for his awards.

Sam Echenberg was a Sergeant in WW1 and rose to be a Colonel in WW2. During the 1930’s he was commander of the Sherbrooke Regiment during which time he received King George lV when he visited.

Issie Echenberg was a Captain in the Sherbrooke Regiment and served overseas.

Eddie Echenberg was in the Navy,

Richard Echenberg Royal Canadian Navy

Max Echenberg was a US army physician serving on the Italian Front.

Morty Vineberg was a pilot, shot down and captured and was a POW in Germany until the end of the war.

Sydney  Echenberg was a Sgt. in the Sherbrooke Regiment

Sam Gilman served

David Holdengraber was a tanker in the Windsor Regiment. He was captured and was a  POW in Germany.

Lyon Holdengraber was a tanker in the Windsor Regiment and was wounded in action.

Ben Linds was in the Canadian Army. Click here for Ben Linds story by Myron Echenberg

Joeseph Mittleman joined the RCAF in 1941  and served in Africa

Paul Niloff served as a physician with the Canadian Army

World War 1

Sam Echenberg, CEF served in France.

Tom Echenberg, CEF served in France.

Rebecca Echenberg,  Nurse served overseas.  Her diary can be found here.

Clara Echenberg. Nurse and served overseas.

Sydney Holdengraber enlisted  into the CEF twice.  He was discharged after serving for some months the first time because he was underage.   He reenlisted a year later and served in France with the CEF.